Class Descriptions

Yoga for Your Life

    Yoga for Your Life is for students who want to experience the benefits of yoga, but who may not have a consistent practice.  This alignment-based class, taught in the ParaYoga® tradition, introduces students to the many facets of the yoga tradition including asana, pranayama (breath work), meditation and chanting.  Focus is on building strength, flexibility and coordinating movement with breath.  The classes are skillfully designed to help students cultivate more balance and harmony in their lives and restore vitality to their bodies and minds.  Beginner and some intermediate poses are introduced.


Advanced Yoga for Your Life

    Advanced Yoga for Your Life is for students with a regular practice or students who are familiar with basic yoga postures and want to deepen their practice. The class expands on the Yoga for Your Life class by introducing more intermediate poses as well as advanced asana, pranayama and meditation techniques in addition to mantra, bandhas and mudras.

Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra is the perfect antidote to stress.  Enroll in this stress-reducing series and experience how relevant and valuable this ancient practice is in today's world.  It is well-documented that the cumulative effects of stress have far-reaching physical and emotional consequences.  Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation practice that reduces mental, physical and emotional tension.  Learn to relax, reduce stress and experience more harmony in your life.